Biz Guru believes very strongly in assisting our clients with establishing their own project management capability.

To meet these aims, we have produced a number of project management, on site courses to assist your business and IT staff in understanding how to define business requirements and manage the resulting projects, trouble shooting where necessary. All our courses are company specific, especially tailored to meet your own business needs.

FastTrack Project Management

This one week course is suitable both for new project managers and those who wish to gain experience of more formal methods. This course covers the four key areas of Communication, Documentation, Control and Planning within a project. It identifies the various project stages, staff and control methods. The course members are provided with a detailed FastTrack to Project Management that includes recommended documentation templates and a jargon buster, as well as expanding upon the course information. Opportunities for questions and workshops is given. The lecturer is a very experienced international project manager.

FastTrack Consultancy

The aims of this course are to give staff moving into internal or external consultancy, exposure to key consultancy skills. This will enable them to gather sufficient facts to make informed proposals. Attendees will be given grounding in the key consultancy skills well as the opportunity to explore and discuss problems with an experienced business manager. Anticipated Participants – Managers who wish to move into consultancy either as members of large companies or as independent consultants. Managers who will be required to make formal proposals or prepare Feasibility Studies in a structured way will find this particularly useful. Computer staff working in the end-user environment will find this a useful introduction the business analysis.

FastTrack Business Analysis

The aims of this course are to teach the various methods used in gaining a client’s confidence and thus detailing the appropriate business requirements. Attendees will be given grounding in requirements gathering methods, report writing, proposals and feasibility studies, as well as the opportunity to explore and discuss problems with an experienced project manager. The course is recommended for new business analysts or for business users who specify requirements for projects. It is an ideal lecture to assist programmers in understanding business based project problems.

FastTrack Concise Project Management

This course is aimed at those who are new to project management or who need an appreciated of the trials of the project management role. It is ideally suited for new project leaders or IT analysis or programming staff. Attendees will be given a detailed introduction to project management and it’s complexities and trials. The opportunity to practice lessons learnt in two interactive workshops will also be given. The course is recommended for business analysts or developers wishing to move into project management. It is a natural successor to the above courses. It is also suitable for business users who are involved in setting up and/or sponsoring new projects.

OnTrack Training Courses

Ever wanted to train at your own desk in your own time? Biz Guru has recognised this need and has introduced the OnTrack group of courses. The CD based courses are a mixture of animated slides and attached notes and information. There are numerous questions to test the knowledge gained. The courses also have workshops to practice lessons learned. The last workshop can be marked by Biz Guru in order to gain certification.
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