Some Great Businesses For An Out Of Work Professional To Start

You have just become out of work and this seems as good as time as ever to start the business that you have been hankering after for some time. So what opportunities are open to you?

First of all you need to be brutally honest with yourself and decide what skills and experience you have that others may be interested in. Here are a few ideas for you:

Consultancy: This is the most obvious place to start and is much easier than you might think. In periods of recession, companies do not want to be committed to the expense of full time employees but they also need to keep their business moving upwards, or just try and dig themselves out of the mire. Hiring self employed consultants or small consultancies is one way to do this. In the UK, for tax purposes, an independent consultant needs to run their own Ltd company. Ensure that you have a great group of services to offer, a good quality CV or resume and all the business and technical equipment you need. Now get on the job boards and contact as many agencies and apply for as many jobs as you can meet the requirements for.

Tutoring: As people compete in a difficult job market place, the importance of a good education becomes apparent. People will seek to increase their knowledge of subjects and/or to increase their children’s education. Tutoring is a career to get into to. If you have a skill that is easily transferred into formal tutoring then you should advertise locally or on the tutoring web sites.

Training: If your skills are more business or non school based, you can offer training courses or your skills to training schools. It will involve you in writing training courses and the corresponding notes. It’s a good thing to keep you busy during down times and also keeps your skills fresh in the mind.

Writing: If you are able to write – then writing and selling ebooks on your subject is a great way to make some extra cash. You need to transfer them into PDF format and have your own web site to sell them from. If you are really confident and can write more than 75 pages on your chosen subject, then look at writing your won paperback book. Print on demand (POD) publishing makes this a much more viable opportunity.

What ever you chose – Good luck!

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