Every business idea has a market- Biz Guru will help you find it!

Marketing your business is the single most difficult task for a business and one that can be a make or break situation. There is absolutely no use having the best services and goods available if no one knows that they are there! The essence of good planning is find out what your customers want and work out how to give it to them! Sounds simple doesn’t it?
It has always been seen as difficult for newer businesses to compete with much larger, recognized ones within the same industry and market. For example, the local pizzeria will often struggle to compete or even maintain profitability with large chains in the same area, even if such “mom and pop” type operations offer a more delicious, made-from-scratch pizza, versus the big company’s generic tasting pizza. One major reason why these scenarios exist is that successful companies are able to attract large shares of the overall demand. They have defined their Marketing Strategies and are working with their Marketing Plans.
Often, people are comfortable knowing that they can get the same product or service at each outlet every time, even if the product or service is not superior to the rest; essentially, the customer’s ignorance is a catalyst in taking the convenient, commercial route versus the educated choice to visit the smaller, more personalized business. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to differentiate themselves from the pack and market themselves as the best at what they do in their particular segment of the market. This is called your Unique Selling Point.
Every so often a product is released that people were looking for but they had never quite found the right item. This is called a Niche Market – it places your product right where people are looking for it.
In most cases, the products and services the large companies provide are often generic and bland. The products and services are often not superior in quality or even competitively priced compared to a similar product or service from a “mom and pop” small business. For example, a $4.75 frozen coffee at a franchise store is often inferior to the $3.00 ones I regularly bought at my university town’s local coffee brewer. Even so, dozens more were sold by the big coffee chains everyday because people recognize the name and logo. This is called Branding.
Successful companies have a Marketing Plan tailored to their market needs. They know what products to sell, where to sell them and to whom. Start up and developing businesses need their own unique Marketing Plan, tailored to their needs. They need to properly evaluate their potential markets, understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities and threats to their future.
Working with Biz Guru – we will help you design your Marketing Plan. We will show you how to market your business with a limited budget, where to look for your customers and how to present your goods and services to them. Only after these exercises will a company be able to properly position themselves in their own market, profitably meeting the needs of their customers.

Every successful business has a great marketing strategy– Biz Guru will help you define it!

Our in-depth understanding of businesses and how they work, enables us to quickly understand the challenges and problems that your company may face in promoting your business. We can help you with:
Our in-depth understanding of businesses and how they work, enables us to quickly understand the challenges and problems that your company may face in promoting your business.

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