Business Planning, Development and Marketing is owned and managed by Biz Guru Ltd.
We are a business and marketing consultancy. Biz Guru has many years experience in business strategy, marketing and change management with companies of all sizes in numerous countries. During this period we have gained expertise within the business environment, particularly company establishment, strategy and marketing.

All of our consultancy services and products are based on established consultancy methods that we have tried and tested over more than 30 years. We use proven quality methods to develop and promote your business. Our products are devised and designed in house by our skilled consultants.

Why should you work with the Biz Guru

We’ve been around for a long time. We have been trading profitably for over 12 years and we work all over the world both virtually and actually.

This is part of our business and we behave in a business like manner. All requests are answered promptly and politely.


We take payments via PayPal, the internationally renowned secure payment processor.

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