Plans With Success Written All Over Them!

We work with you to turn your business ideas and aspirations into a profitable reality!
If you are setting up your new business, expanding it, or making it more efficient and profitable then we at Biz Guru can help you. Many new businesses fail because entrepreneurs have not fully planned how to establish and run the business or the new owner has some great ideas and is not sure how to put them into action.
The importance of a comprehensive, thoughtful and well written business plan cannot be emphasized too much.External funding is totally dependant upon your Business Plan. Your business objectives, management of your company and it’s finances, your goods and services, promotion and marketing of your new business, and achievement of your goals – all are defined in your Business Plan. We work with you to turn your business ideas, thoughts and aspirations into investment ready business plans.

Biz Guru will assist you to:

  • Plan your company’s objectives.
  • Establish where your customers will come from.
  • Identify the optimum mix of goods and services that you can provide to meet these needs.
  • Discover what your customers are likely to require of you.
  • Provide a business plan in order to request loans and provide a solid foundation for your new business.
Type of Business Plan DescriptionPrice
Budget Business Plan For small businesses who do not require an interview but would prefer us to send them a questionnaire.. $950
Small Business Plan For small businesses who require SBA or bank loans for less than $1m and for those requiring a L Visa to the USA. $1,250
Investor Business Plan For new businesses who require investments or bank loans for more than $1m and less than $5m – depending upon the loan size and the amount of financials and marketing analysis required. $1,799
Angel Business Plan For businesses seeking Angel Investment or loans of more than $5m. We include extra financials, market analysis, exit strategies, marketing strategies and , if required, presentation materials. Full graphics will be used and particular attention paid to the Executive Summary. $3,999
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