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Biz Guru Services

Business Strategy and Advice

We write regularly on business strategy, development and marketing.  We are prolific article writers and a published author. We also provide a Biz Guru Agony Service for new and improving services.

We provide innovation and initiative world wide and virtually

We provide business, programme and project management consultancy and will work with you and your staff to provide a tailored approach to your business problems.  The solution will include a unique mixture of consultancy, mentoring and personalized training.

So whether you want to start a new project, or have trouble with an existing project, Biz Guru can work along side your existing business or project managers, supporting and guiding them until you reach your targets.

Bid Management Consultancy and Training - tailored to your company's requirements

Under our brand - The Bid Manager we provide bid management consultancy and training. We are the proud designers of SuperBid - our bid methodology to assist you in preparing winning bids - if you see the methods anywhere else - they came from us!

Every Great Idea has a Market - Let us help you find it!

From a new to a developing business we know that you are seeking to make a difference, make a profit and make a new life for yourself! 

We know that when you have a new business that your budget is low, but this is just the time that you need the most marketing to find your customers.  We can help you market your company, from providing you with a marketing strategy to undertaking cost effective marketing on the internet or in the "real" world.

Business and Internet Marketing Informational Products

We sell great informational and training products to help you improve your business, internet marketing, life and your career.

Rather than offer you the same ebooks that you can find everywhere, we trawl the web to find brand new, useful or unusual  informational products that we believe will be useful to you.  So useful that we use them ourselves.   We also write a great deal of them ourselves!

We also use our 20 years business experience to write our own informational and training products.  They hold our own copyrights and are published under the brand names of:

Biz Guru - 'Selling the hottest informational products on the internet!' for our informational products. You can see our range of internet marketing products on www.clikks.com and our entrepreneur informational products on www.StartMyNewBusiness.com Our published books are here: Entrepreneur Published Books

PowerPacks - These are our packs of products, information, ebooks and sometimes web sites around a theme.  They offer a complete solution and are a phenomenal bargain - designed to give you all you need in one PowerPack! You can see all of our PowerPacks on www.clikks.com as well as on numerous individual web sites

MarketingSuccess  These are our internet marketing products.  Each ebook provides you with detailed information on how to undertake and succeed in a internet marketing task.  They range from setting up your own web site to joint ventures via viral, email and article marketing. You can see our full range on www.MarketingWithSuccess.com

OnTrack - "Training at your own desk in your own time" for our training products.  You can find all our CD based training courses at www.CDTrain.com

JobSuccess - We also produce a range of services to help the career changer in the UK and USA.  You can see these on www.JobSuccess.com and www.JobsBiz.com

FastTrack - Our onsite training courses and our bid and project management published books. Bid and Project Management Published Books

The Biz Guru

Biz Guru's CEO, Lee Lister,  has over 25 years consultancy experience.  Our team or business writers, marketers and sales staff, come from a range of business backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our individual attentive service using tried and tested methods which have been perfected over many years management consultancy with companies or all sizes.

We have over 12 years ecommerce experience. We do not promise riches for little effort, but the opportunity to establish your business on the internet within your budget. We have numerous websites ourselves and it took us a while to make them profitable and obtain good search engine positions. We now use this experience to help other small and medium companies

All of our services and advice are clearly and tactfully provided and we always work very closely with you, so that your business planning or marketing always reflects your business and how you wish to manage it. 


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